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The Radical Search for a Magnetic ‘Sixth Sense’ in Humans

“Magnetic pull.” We often use the phrase to describe attraction, but only in a figurative way. After all, unlike homing pigeons, humans don’t have the power to perceive magnetic fields. Or do we? According to a small group of maverick scientists, the possibility of finding working compasses within our bodies ranges from “not surprising” to “overwhelming.”  The idea that humans can sense magnetism has been floating around in fringe academic circles for decades, mostly relegated… read more

How Your Brain Picks and Sticks With Winning Decisions

If you’re like me, you’ve spent countless hours scrolling through Netflix, trying to find the perfect show to watch. According to one estimate, adults make as many as 35,000 decisions in a day. Most — like picking a show on Netflix — are “throwaways,” with few long-standing consequences. Others — a big move, a career change, a new relationship — can shake up the trajectory of your life. In many ways, making a decision is like gambling: you assess your options, draw upon past experiences and analyze the current situation to predict the best choice. Yet the optimal choice —… read more