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Why No Aliens? They Live in Video Game Universes Like a Future ‘No Man’s Sky’

Evidence suggesting that our universe is tailor-made for habitable planets — ones that could reasonably support life — continues to pile up. And as humanity flings cosmos-observing technologies further into the sky, we’re developing a deeper appreciation of just how likely it is that life could have emerged anywhere. So, why is our universe so void of activity when it seems suitable for beings who might create technologies like ours to emerge? Many have speculated… read more

How the Hidden Mathematics of Living Cells Could Help Us Decipher the Brain

Given how much they can actually do, computers have a surprisingly simple basis. Indeed, the logic they use has worked so well that we have even started to think of them as analogous to the human brain. Current computers basically use two basic values — 0 (false) and 1 (true) — and apply simple operations like “and”, “or” and “not” to compute with them. These operations can be combined and scaled up to represent virtually any computation. This “binary “or “Boolean” logic was introduced by George Boole in 1854 to describe what he called “the laws of thought.” But the brain is… read more