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Tricorder XPRIZE Awards $2.5M for Device That Detects Illness Using Your Phone

In a few hundred years, doctors will scan their patient with a handheld device called a Tricorder to diagnose virtually any ailment. That’s according to Star Trek. Way back here in the 21st century, we’re not supposed to be anywhere near that utopian technology. But we may not be as far off as you’d think. […]

This One-Cent Lab-on-a-Chip Can Diagnose Cancer and Infections

  Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. —Arthur C Clarke Medical diagnostics often feels like magic to me. With just a few drops of blood, doctors can quickly decipher a patient’s general health status—are biomarker levels in range? Are there telltale signs of infection? Are the patient’s cells healthy, or have some quietly […]

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through December 10th)

ROBOTICS: MIT’s Modular Robotic Chain Is Whatever You Want It to Be Evan Ackerman | IEEEE Spectrum “If you can get all of the communication and coordination figured out, though, a modular system offers tons of advantages: robots that come in any size you want, any configuration you want, and that are exceptionally easy to repair and reconfigure […]

Diagnostics package update: dynamic analysers

From Michal Staniaszek via ros-users@ Version 1.8.9 of the diagnostics package (Indigo and later) has some new functionality for the diagnostic aggregator. You can now change the diagnostic aggregator at runtime by dynamically loading or unloading diagnostic analysers. This can…