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Love Your Bot, But Know It’s Always Listening

In the 2013 movie “Her,” Theodore Twombly, a lonely writer, falls in love with a digital assistant designed to meet his every need.  She sorts emails, helps get a book published, provides personal advice and ultimately becomes his girlfriend. The assistant, Samantha, is AI software capable of learning at an astonishing pace. Samantha will remain […]

Robotic Tissue-Slicing Microscopes and DIY Crowd Science to Accelerate Research

What does it mean when a robot can replace the need for pathologists to spend hours looking through a microscope to perform their job? Or when clinical studies no longer require participants to go to the hospital and can instead just download an app from Google Play or Apple’s App Store? From algorithms sorting through medical imaging and creating 3D models to deep learning systems making diagnoses from tissue scans, we’re entering a time in… read more

Hey Alexa! Make a Voice Command, Win an Amazon Echo

Alexa_1200x670_v2Win your own Alexa-powered suite of devices, Amazon’s Echo, Dot, and Tap, by creating and submitting your own voice-command Skill to the “Hey Alexa!” Amazon Alexa Skill Contest.

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