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If We Can See the Future We Want, We Can Shape It Too

Alida Draudt and Julia Rose West are not only co-authors, business partners, and best of friends, but most importantly, they have differing points of view—which is ideal for two budding Silicon Valley futurists. Alida currently works as a futurist and design strategist at Capital One, and Julia is a design strategist and user experience manager […]

Why Design Is Key to Unlocking the Genius Behind Innovation

What is learning? Tony Robbins asked this question in a talk he gave on strategies for learning quickly. His answer is quite interesting: “Whenever you learn something all you are really doing is creating a relationship between two things… a relationship between something that you know and something that is unknown.” In many ways, this is the same process we apply to organizational innovation. We take something we know—a market, product, consumer segment—and try to… read more

Design Sprints — the Secret to Rapidly Developing Products Customers Actually Want

This post will teach you the process of running a design sprint — a method developed by Jake Knapp, a partner at Google Ventures — to solve big problems and test new ideas in just five days. Most teams often invest months, even years, in developing a product or service, only to discover they’ve built something that no one wants. Jake developed a method that helps teams make better use of time and resources by simulating the entire product development process in just five days. A design sprint helps teams filter ideas and gain clarity as to which of them are best to pursue…. read more