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Cultured Meat Will Remain a Distant Dream Unless We Do These 4 Things

In 2013 the world’s first cell-cultured hamburger was cooked and tasted live on air. Following that event, there have been many mentions of cultured meat in the media. With all this discussion and publicity, it’s easy to assume your local grocery store will soon be stocking cultured bacon and chicken wings. However, the reality is starkly different; the era of cultured meat is far off. Although the concept has been proven, producing cultured meat in mass… read more

In the Future, Our Favorite Animal Products Will Be Animal-Free

A couple years ago, a friend told me he didn’t eat meat because he believed that in the future advanced AI would learn from us and treat humans the way we had treated less powerful species. He said he didn’t want to give AI any reason to treat him the way most humans treated the animals we ate. He was sort of kidding…but he also wasn’t. In the past, we relied on animal products to survive… read more

These New Technologies Will Be Both Powerful and Planet Friendly

Did you know there is a 25% chance your cause of death will be due to environmental pollution? According the World Health Organization, some 12.6 million people—or nearly 1 in 4 worldwide—died in 2012 due to living or working in unhealthy conditions. In addition, environmental degradation seriously affects overall quality of life and the balance of Earth’s ecosystems through loss of forests, open spaces, marine environments and biodiversity. While technological growth and industrialization historically contributed to such problems, the latest technologies—from robotics to artificial intelligence to biotechnology—will also help create healthier and greener industries benefiting both people and planet. Here… read more