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6 Ways to Light Up Your Halloween Costume

Your costume doesn’t have to disappear in the dark… it can shine instead with glowing EL wire, LED strips, and NeoPixel rings.
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Create a Faux Neon Sign with EL Wire

Bend EL wire to create safe, affordable glowing words and graphics.
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14 Last Minute Halloween Costumes and Props

Not sure what to wear on Halloween? Let these super easy props and costumes inspire you to make something great.
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Editors’ Picks: 11 of Our Favorite Bike Projects

Bikes — they’re the first machine we ever fixed, built, and fell in love with. Emblem of childhood freedom, gateway to mechanical engineering, deliverer of bodily fitness, vanquisher of carbon pollution. Here are 11 great bike projects you can …

Gadgetize Your Bike with these 3 Projects

Over the years at Make: there have been a ton of bike related builds, maintenance tips, and wacky modifications. It makes sense, as most bikes don’t come with much beyond the essentials to pedal and steer around town. Whether it’s adding a …

Give ‘Em a Sign: Write Your Note in Light

Using electroluminescent wire, a.k.a. EL wire, is a fun and easy way to incorporate battery powered lighting in your craft projects. If you’ve been meaning to try this material out but have been intimidated to work with electronics, Meg Allan Co…

Lumecluster “Nightmare” Mask Lives up to Its Name

If the picture seen above doesn’t scare you, or at least freak you out a little, the videos at the end of this post should do the trick. As seen on 3Dprint.com, Melisa Ng has come up with a 3D printed mask that I hope doesn’t show up in my …

Make it Glow This Holiday With EL Wire

It’s probably cliché at this point to say that I saw the movie TRON: Legacy and wanted my own light up clothing, but 1) it’s true, and 2) it’s easy to do with electroluminescent (EL) wire!Read more on MAKE

How-To: TRON Bow

Becky and Phil’s ongoing quest to TRON-ify the universe, begun back in the summer of 2010 in anticipation of the not-so-much-worth-all-the-anticipation-after-all TRON sequel, continues undeterred by disappointing directorial choices, secure in the know…

New in the Maker Shed: EZ-EL Wire Starter Kits

EL-wire is great stuff. It gives off a neon like-glow without generating heat or deadly high voltages. It’s simple enough for beginning makers yet can yield some impressive results! Ready to get started? We have some great new EL wire starter kits avai…