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How to Experiment Like the Most Successful, Hyper-Growth Companies Do

Today’s most successful companies, the ones that are “crushing it,” started as a series of crazy ideas, followed by experiments to test just how viable those ideas might be. Experimentation is a crucial mechanism for driving breakthroughs in any organization. If you want to create a successful, hyper-growth company, you’ve got to focus on empowering […]

Disruption’s Dark Side: Lessons From the Misadventures of a Tech-Savvy NBA Executive

“Negative advice [what not to do] is vastly more important than positive advice.” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb Sam Hinkie, an NBA executive known for his love of advanced sports technologies, just quit his job — ending one of the weirdest and most intriguing strategy experiments in recent memory. If you’re a business leader wondering how to instill a bit of disruptive thinking into a stubbornly conservative culture, take note of Hinkie’s story — applying emerging tech, long-term foresight, and a bold idea can sometimes be enough to get you chased out of town. As general manager of the NBA’s Philadelphia… read more

How to Run Wild Experiments Just Like (Google) X

This post explores how to run great experiments in your company, based on recent conversations with my friend Astro Teller, Chief of Moonshots at “X” (formally Google X, Google’s R&D factory). X’s mission is to invent and launch “moonshot” technologies that could make the world a radically better place…dare I say, help create a world of Abundance. Astro leads a team of brilliant engineers, scientists and creatives developing solutions to dozens (perhaps hundreds) of the world’s toughest problems. Some of their publicly known projects include: the self-driving cars, the smart contact lens, high-altitude wind-power generation, and Project Loon, just to name a small… read more

Four Key Ingredients Startups Need to Get Right (Hint: They’re All About Culture)

If you want to create a successful, hyper-growth company, you’ve got to focus on creating the right culture and learning how to rapidly experiment. In this blog, I discuss these two key subjects with Jeff Holden, a brilliant entrepreneur and executive who has held leadership roles at three hyper-growth companies — Amazon, Groupon, and Uber. Today Jeff is the Chief Product Officer of Uber. As Jeff explains, these are critical lessons for every entrepreneur, so let’s dive in. 1. You Have To Continually Invest In Culture Culture is often difficult to define — and yet, it’s extremely important to get right. For… read more