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We Are What We Make: Manufacturing’s Digital Revolution Is Here

Take a moment and look at the objects surrounding you. Maybe you’re reading this article on your computer or cell phone, sitting in a chair, standing at your desk, or riding the local transit system. You may be drinking coffee from your favorite mug or opening the wrapper of your beloved midday snack. At any moment, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of objects surrounding you that all came from a manufacturing facility. Perhaps more than any other, the force and power of this industry is evident everywhere you look. Last week at Singularity University’s first-ever Exponential Manufacturing conference in… read more

The Personal Factory Is Here—and It Will Bring a Wild New Era of Invention

The software startup launching out of a garage or a dorm room is now the stuff of legend. We can all name the stories of people who got together in a garage with a few computers and ended up disrupting massive, established corporations — or creating something the world never even knew it wanted. Until now, this hasn’t really been as true for physical things you build from the ground up. The cost of tools and production has been too high, and for top quality, you still had to go at it the traditional manufacturing route.  According to Danielle Applestone,… read more

Exponential Manufacturing 2016 Kicks Off in Boston This Week

This week Singularity Hub is on the ground in Boston bringing you inside coverage of Singularity University’s first ever Exponential Manufacturing conference at the Westin Waterfront May 10th and 11th. The conference is gathering industry experts to pull the curtain back on the next generation of 21st century manufacturing technologies—including additive manufacturing, IoT, space manufacturing, robotics, creative AI, and beyond. Peter Diamandis, SU cofounder and executive chairman, will kick off the conference by discussing exponential technologies in a new industrial age. Salim Ismail, SU global ambassador, and John Hagel, co-chairman of Deloitte’s Center for the Edge, will showcase the big shifts… read more

What Happens to Factories If You Can Manufacture in Your Home?

The story of “robots eating jobs” is pervasive in the manufacturing industry—but it doesn’t paint the whole picture. We’ve seen automation eat up jobs, but even as we lost roughly 22 million manufacturing jobs worldwide between 1995 and 2002, we also saw a twenty percent increase in industrial output during that same time. Further, while some technologies may take jobs, others are breaking down barriers to entry and enabling an incredible DIY movement of makers in the US. Biohackers are home-brewing insulin, and now, low-cost 3D printers and CNC (computerized numerical control) machines are allowing people with little training to… read more