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Why the Rise of AI Makes Human Intelligence More Valuable Than Ever

In the popular TV show Sherlock, visual depictions of our hero’s deductive reasoning often look like machine algorithms. And probably not by accident, given that this version of Conan Doyle’s detective processes tremendous amounts of observed data—the sort of minutiae that the average person tends to pass over or forget—more like a computer than a […]

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Is Here: What Now? [Video]

What if the world we knew was subtly being replaced with a new one? Would we notice immediately, or would it only be evident in hindsight? According to the World Economic Forum, the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” is here. It’s a change as significant as any modern revolution before it. And if we look, we’ll see […]

6 Reasons Why Industry Needs to Be Agile as Software to Survive

On hearing words like “industry” and “manufacturing” most of us probably picture sprawling assembly lines, heavy machinery, groaning metal, and flying sparks. Few of us likely envision gazelles or fighter jets—agility and manufacturing don’t really go together. But that’s about to change. It’s being called the fourth industrial revolution. Today, this means the recent and ongoing explosion of sensors and data in industrial settings. Sensors can do everything from precisely counting inventory to tracking goods as they’re trucked across the country or over the ocean. This information will provide a real-time window into the supply chain and make it more… read more