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7 Big Tech Trends That Are Changing the Way We Make Things

Manufacturing is dirty, dull, and outmoded. It’s a slow-moving industry stuck in the past as new technologies out of Silicon Valley threaten to upend it. Stereotypes are fun, and misleading. Let’s not forget manufacturing is the industry that made the modern age. While many were musing about robots in science fiction, manufacturers were putting them […]

How Reebok Is Breaking the Mold by ‘3D Drawing’ Shoe Soles

You may be surprised to learn that if you walked into a shoe factory today versus forty years ago, a lot of what you’d see would be the same. At the heart of footwear manufacturing, one key thing has been slowing down production for decades—shoe molds. Molds are expensive, labor-intensive, and time-consuming, yet they’re critical […]

Veo Gives Robots ‘Eyes and a Brain’ So They Can Safely Work With People

The robots are coming. Actually, they’re already here. Machines are learning to do tasks they’ve never done before, from locating and retrieving goods from a shelf to driving cars to performing surgery. In manufacturing environments, robots can place an object with millimeter precision over and over, lift hundreds of pounds without getting tired, and repeat […]

Watch: Where AI Is Today, and Where It’s Going in the Future

2016 was a year of breakthroughs in artificial intelligence. Top selling holiday gifts, Amazon Echo and Google Now, featured AI-powered voice recognition; IBM Watson diagnosed cancer; and Google DeepMind’s system AlphaGo cracked the ancient and complex Chinese game Go sooner than expected. Neil Jacobstein, faculty chair of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at Singularity University, hit […]

The Next Great Computer Interface Is Emerging—But It Doesn’t Have a Name Yet

Not long ago, your parents might’ve noticed a kid staring at a smartphone in their front yard. There wasn’t anything there. The kid was just…hanging out. What they didn’t know? Said kid was gazing through a digital window and seeing a mythical beast in their well-manicured roses. This youngster was playing an augmented reality smartphone […]

How to Stay Innovative Amid the Fastest Pace of Change in History

Everything is changing again. But this time, it’s happening faster. In his talk at Singularity University’s Exponential Manufacturing Summit in Boston, Deloitte’s digital transformation leader Geoff Tuff gave the audience some great tips for understanding today’s business environment and taking advantage of its opportunities—without falling prey to its exponential speed. The latest round of quick […]

Solar Is Now the Cheapest Energy There Is in the Sunniest Parts of the World

Manufacturing is about robots and assembly lines, supply chains and finished products. It’s about the roof over your head, the car you drive to work, and the computer you stare at all day. We live in a cocoon of modern industrial products. And today, we make more than ever. But really, at its roots, manufacturing […]

4 Keys to Making the Robots of Our Imagination a Reality

“The robots of reality are starting to get a lot closer to the robots of our imagination,” said Sarah Bergbreiter, an image of a fast-moving, multi-jointed search and rescue robot displayed on the big screen behind her. In her talk on advanced robotics at Singularity University’s Exponential Manufacturing Summit in Boston, Bergbreiter elaborated on how […]

Singularity Hub Is Live This Week at Exponential Manufacturing in Boston

Singularity Hub is on the ground this week at Singularity University’s Exponential Manufacturing Summit in Boston. At the summit, executives, makers, entrepreneurs, and policy leaders across the manufacturing industry will come together to learn how accelerating technologies are changing manufacturing in the US and around the world. Talks we’re looking forward to include what augmented […]

Adidas to Mass-Produce 3D Printed Soles in Vats of Warm Liquid Goo

Adidas just announced they’re partnering with San Francisco 3D printing company Carbon to mass-produce a line of shoes with 3D printed soles. Called Futurecraft 4D, they aim to make 5,000 pairs by the end of the year, ramping up production to 100,000 pairs next year. While 3D printing is often touted for its ability to […]