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When Electronic Witnesses Are Everywhere, No Secret’s Safe

On November 22, 2015, Victor Collins was found dead in the hot tub of his co-worker, James Andrew Bates. In the investigation that followed, Bates pleaded innocent but in February was charged with first-degree murder. One of Amazon’s Alexa-enabled Echo devices was being used to stream music at the crime scene. Equipped with seven mics, […]

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through January 7th)

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Google’s AlphaGo AI Secretively Won More Than 50 Straight Games Against the World’s Top Go Players Zheping Huang | QUARTZ “On Jan. 4, after winning more than 50 games against several of the world’s best Go players, Ke included, a user registered with an ID of “Master” on two Chinese board game platforms came […]

Why Big Tech Companies Are Open-Sourcing Their AI Systems

The world’s biggest technology companies are handing over the keys to their success, making their artificial intelligence systems open-source. Traditionally, computer users could see the end product of what a piece of software did by, for instance, writing a document in Microsoft Word or playing a video game. But the underlying programming — the source code — was proprietary, kept from public view. Opening source material in computer science is a big deal because the more people that look at code, the more likely it is that bugs and long-term opportunities and risks can be worked out. Openness is increasingly a big… read more