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Long Promised Artificial Intelligence Is Looming—and It’s Going to Be Amazing

We have been hearing predictions for decades of a takeover of the world by artificial intelligence. In 1957, Herbert A. Simon predicted that within 10 years a digital computer would be the world’s chess champion. That didn’t happen until 1996. And despite Marvin Minsky’s 1970 prediction that “in from three to eight years we will have a machine with the general intelligence of an average human being,” we still consider that a feat of science… read more

How Google’s AI Beat a Human at ‘Go’ a Decade Earlier Than Expected

Last week, news broke that the holy grail of game-playing AI—the ancient and complex Chinese game Go—was cracked by AI system AlphaGo. AlphaGo was created by Google’s DeepMind, a UK… read more
The post How Google’s AI Beat a Human at &#8…