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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Neural Networks: What Are They, and Why Is the Tech Industry Obsessed With Them? John Brownlee | Fast Company “Combine them with conversational interfaces, and neural networks can make true artificial intelligence finally possible—a revolution that would have a knock-on effect in the way we pretty much do everything. Designers in the future won’t just use neural networks; neural networks may very well be designers themselves.” COMPUTING: Why a Chip That’s Bad at Math Can Help Computers Tackle Harder Problems Tom Simonite | MIT Technology Review “In a simulated test using software that tracks objects such as cars in video,… read more

Cosmology Is in Crisis — But Not for the Reason You May Think

Science is advancing rapidly. We are eradicating diseases, venturing further into space and discovering a growing zoo of subatomic particles. But cosmology — which is trying to understand the evolution of… read more
The post Cosmology Is in Crisi…

From Bosons to Bigfoot: 6 Science Mysteries That Might Be Solved in 2016

From the origin of life to the fate of the universe, there’s plenty scientists simply don’t know. But they are making progress. 2015 has been a great year for science:… read more
The post From Bosons to Bigfoot: 6 Science Mysteries That Might B…