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Five Startups to Watch From Singularity University’s 2015 Global Solutions Program

For 10 weeks each summer, a group of impact-driven individuals from around the world come to Singularity University’s Silicon Valley campus to embark on our flagship Graduate Solutions Program (GSP). Seven weeks into the program, the participants take on SU’s 10^9 challenge with the goal of building a company that will positively impact a billion people in 10 years by leveraging exponential technology. For many of these teams, GSP is only the beginning. Here’s a look inside five GSP 2015 team projects turned into startups and some of their post-program achievements. Applications for the 2016 Graduate Solutions Program are open until February 22nd. Click here to begin your application. 1. Aipoly: Artificial intelligence for the blind The Team: Marita Cheng, Alberto Rizzoli, Simon Edwardsson Aipoly is an intelligent smartphone assistant for the visually impaired. Users take a photograph of a scene in front of them, which is then uploaded to Aipoly’s server, analyzed, and tagged. A description of the scene is read back to the user via text-to-speech. Aipoly’s app officially launched this January and was released in Apple’s app store. Since launch, 33,000 visually impaired individuals have downloaded the app. Co-founder Marita Cheng was recently listed as #6 in StartUp Daily’s Top 50 Female Entrepreneurs under 40, and the company won a booth at CES 2016 after being named a winner of a CEA Foundation contest. The company has been written up in TechCrunch, The Daily Dot, Kurzweil AI, and more. 2. AIME: Artificial intelligence in medical epidemiology The Team: Rainier Mallol, Dhesi Baha Raja AIME is using big data analytics and machine learning to predict the location and time of infectious disease outbreaks in real time. During tests of their dengue prediction platform in Malaysia and Brazil, AIME predicted where outbreaks would occur with 84-88% accuracy in advance of the outbreak. After GSP,… read more

Want a Life of Purpose? Find a Career Dedicated to a Cause Beyond Yourself

Isaac Castro: Biomedical Technology, Entrepreneur Graduate Studies Program 2015 Graduate Bogotá, Colombia True passion is tough to fake. Name it a calling or a career, when your life’s work is… read more

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