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Smart Technology That Will Revolutionize the Way You Live

Smart homes are no longer a thing of the future. They are here. And while you may not need a refrigerator that tells you when you are out of milk or a high tech oven that cooks your food to the perfect temperature, there are certainly smart home tech devices worth investing in. Here is some of the smart tech that will revolutionize the way you live. Amazon Alexa Equipped with built-in smart home capabilities, Amazon’s Alexa is just one of the new devices that are connecting homes with humans….

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Intel’s Shooting Star Drone System, Email Privacy Act, San Francisco’s Free College Tuition

Superbowl Show Features 300 Choreographed Drones from Intel Shooting Star Drone System While football fans experienced a major comeback in the second half (and last second) of the game, music fans were tuned into the halftime show which featured Lady G…

ZeniMax Awarded $500 Million, Tech Leader’s Open Letter to Trump, Facebook’s “Discover People” Feature

ZeniMax Awarded $500 Million in Oculus Lawsuit for Violation of a Non-Disclosure Agreement This week a Dallas, Texas jury found Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey in violation of a non-disclosure agreement he signed with ZeniMax Media. By extension, the viol…

Wireframe your “IDEA”

Introduction It all begins with an idea in mind, often asked question how do we write specifications and why do we need to write one. Deciding to develop a web/mobile application http://www.xminds.com/mobile-application-development.html, the ideation stage is just the beginning. From then it’s a long way to go, to create something that you have in mind to bring your idea to reality needs precise planning and it all begins with jotting down your idea in black and white. Chapter 1 – Collate…

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Super Mario Run Beats Out Pokemon Go, Tech Leaders Meet with Trump, Facebook’s Fake News Saga

Super Mario Run Smashes Pokemon Go’s App Store Record Super Mario Run launched on the app store and beat Pokemon GO’s day one game downloads surpassing 2.8 million compared to Pokemon Go’s 900,000 first day downloads, according to Apptopia. Other app store analytics offerings such as App Annie reported higher numbers for Super Mario Run at 3.5 million in the U.S. and 10 million downloads total on December 15th, the day of its launch. Comparatively, Pokemon Go reached 5 million downloads by the…

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Facebook Blamed for Trump, Alibaba Hits $15 Billion in a Day, Trump Surveillance Fears

This Week in Tech:   Facebook Spends the Week Defending Fake News and Denying Blame for Trump Election Last week’s election threw the world into a chaotic tail spin and now it seems Facebook is being questioned. While Facebook’s news feed ranking is guided by data, there are reports that Facebook killed an update to remove fake news from its feed because it affected right wing politics. This fake news, with a right wing slant, had the ability to reach over 150 million Facebook users in the…

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Google Daydream View: An Advancement for Mobile VR?

Virtual reality has come a long way since Morton Heilgi’s Telesphere Mask from 1960. Since its first announcement at the tenth Google I/O, it became clear Google’s push into VR with Cardboard was the start of a mobile revolution. Back in May 2016, Google announced Daydream View and it will be available for the public to buy tomorrow, November 10th. Retailing for $79, Daydream is ready to compete against Samsung’s Gear VR, which also provided a premium offering for Samsung Galaxy users.  …

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Google Pixel Phones, Yahoo Privacy Concerns, “Safe” Note 7 Catches Fire

Tech News This Week: Here’s How to Encrypt Your Facebook Messages From the Government, Hackers – and Even Facebook Whatsapp was the first to offer end-to-end encrypted messaging to its billion users’ app and now the parent company Facebook is following its lead. “Secret Conversations” is available to all 900 million Facebook Messenger users as an opt-in feature that allows users to encrypt their messages so that no one can read them except the two people who are messaging. This includes…

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Mobile Gaming Advances Education, Health & Business

The serious gaming world was an insular one until advances…

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