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Writing the First Human Genome by 2026 Is Synthetic Biology’s Grand Challenge

A “top secret” meeting of scientists was held at the Langone Medical Center on Halloween 2015. Their aim? To kickstart a new Human Genome Project and build a functional human genome from the base pairs up by 2026. “There’s only one grand challenge in synthetic biology. Only one. And it’s to write a human genome. And we have to do that,” said Autodesk Fellow Andrew Hessel at Singularity University’s Exponential Medicine 2016 conference. Like the… read more

How Scientists Are Hacking Biology to Build at the Molecular Scale

The long vision of nanotechnology suggests tiny robot “assemblers” will swarm unseen in the air, water, and even our bodies, building anything from the atoms up. It’s a wild thought and still (mostly) a dream. But looked at a bit differently, these nanoassemblers are already here, and we call them “life.” Basic organic machinery is ceaselessly pulling in raw materials and building (molecule by molecule) cells, organs, and bodies—from hearts to brains, ants to blue whales. Of course, we love to draw analogies between our inventions and the natural world. Today, DNA is software and our brains computers. These analogies help us visualize and even develop… read more

Exponential Medicine: The Most Advanced Nanotechnology Today Is Already Inside You

For me, the word nanotechnology evokes a specific image. Maybe you’re the same. It’s a machine. Perhaps a little futuristic. But something that wouldn’t seem out of place on the… read more

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