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Why Drones Are Finding a Home on the Farm

When I hear the word ‘drone’, the first thing I think of is a top-secret mission: spying, rescues, clandestine deliveries, and other James Bond-worthy uses of a seemingly mysterious technology. Maybe I’ve just seen too many movies, because in reality drones are now being used for practical, non-top-secret purposes across various industries. Agricultural drones in particular are becoming such an integral tool for farmers and food producers that it’s likely they helped get at least… read more

FarmBot Will Grow Your Food For You; Just Press Go

What if you could grow food in your backyard with little to no understanding of gardening? A new robotic system may make this a reality for everybody. Farmbot Genesis is an open source, autonomous farming system that is supposed to fit virtually anyone’s backyard, greenhouse or rooftop. The makers of FarmBot Genesis say it’s as easy to set up as furniture from IKEA and controllable with most devices. All you need is an ability to… read more

Robotic Farm’s First Harvest Next Year—Half a Million Lettuces a Day in Five Years

In modern times, farming’s gone from humanity’s top job to a sliver of the economy—a trend that continues today as fewer young people choose to farm. For every farmer under 35 there are 6 over 65,… read more
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How a Robot in the Garden Might Replace a Trip to Whole Foods

This summer, I started wondering what you might do to build a small farming robot to manage a home garden. I then discovered the interesting FarmBot project, which has been… read more

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Robots, Bioprinting, and the Future of Food [Video]

Emerging technologies are shaking up how we grow food, distribute it, and even what we’re eating. We are seemingly on the cusp of a food revolution and undoubtedly, technologies including artificial intelligence will play a… read more

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