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16 Year Old Landon Kohtz Built a Kite Taller Than He Is

“Indecisive” is a kite built by teenager Landon Kohtz. It’s 7 feet tall with a wing span that almost reaches 10 feet.
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Self-Driving Cars Are So 2015: Get There in a Self-Flying ‘Copter

We never did get our Jetsons flying cars or jet packs. EHang’s trying to change that with this giant, passenger carrying drone.
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Man Builds Crazed 54-rotor Flying Vehicle

A British man, YouTuber “gasturbine101,” has posted a video of the first test flight for his “Swarm Manned Aerial Vehicle Multirotor Super Drone,” a “pentacontakaitetracopter” (aka a multirotor with 54 blades). The f…

New Project: 3D Print a Flying Ring to Launch from Your Rotary Tool

3D-print it, spin it up to 30,000 RPM, and watch it take off like a rocket!
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Crouching Phoenix, Flying Dragon

A phoenix, dragons, a flying Jesus with accompanying angels, and a flying wizard (not to be confused with Harry Potter) are among the menagerie of creations you may see this year at Maker Faire. It sounds a bit crazy and maybe it is, but I loved it la…

Pedalusion Promises Pedal-powered Flight for the People

Two years ago, James Tascione had an idea. He was a lifetime RC airplane builder, and had been a touring cyclist, and he knew he could build a human-powered plane that could be inexpensive, easy to build, and accessible to anyone. Two years later and P…

Brooklyn Aerodrome Build Session and Night Flying TONIGHT

Brooklyn Aerodrome will be meeting at McCarren Park tonight from 7-11pm! Brooklyn Aerodrome got its start flying at night in McCarren park and we are going to do it again this Thursday eve June 27. The plan is: Wrench on planes, get night flying gear w…

Robots Podcast: Curved Artificial Compound Eye

Link to audio file (22:01)In this episode, we speak with Ramon Pericet and Michal Dobrzynski from EPFL about their Curved Artificial Compound Eye (CurvACE) published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Inspired by the fly’s vision… Continue reading

First Drone Games In SF Today

Autonomous Flight, with a Few Lines of Javascript The first-ever flying drone competition for Silicon Valley’s developer community lands today (Dec 1) at 385 Grove Street, San Francisco, CA. Organizers of the Drone Games, Jyri Engestrom & Ch…

New in the Maker Shed – ELEV-8 Quadcopter Kit

The Maker Shed now has the ELEV-8 Quadcopter kit by Parallax! This kit takes a little skill to put together, but it’s a fantastically fun build and even more fun to fly.Read the full article on MAKE