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ROS driver for PMD CamBoard pico flexx

From Thiemo via ros-users@I created a ROS driver for the PMD CamBoard pico flexx (a very small ToF sensor) and I would like to share it with you.The ROS driver publishes point clouds, depth, ir and noise images through ROS…

Announcing OrSens Outdoor 3D Sensor working with ROS

From Konstantin Zhukov via ros-users@I’d like to announce OrSens – portable stereo-camera calculating depthmap onboard, so you can get depth and RGB streams via USB at 30FPS.Here is the ROS wiki page for more info:http://wiki.ros.org/orsens_rosHere are the repositories:https://github.com/Oriense/orsens_roshttps://github.com/Oriense/orsensHere’s the…