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A New Ion-Drive Transistor Is Here to Interface With Your Brain

Silicon transistors and the brain don’t mix. At least not optimally. As scientists and companies are increasingly exploring ways to interface your brain with computers, fashioning new hardware that conforms to and compliments our biological wetware becomes increasingly important. To be fair, silicon transistors, when made into electrode arrays, can perform the basics: record neural […]

The Top Biotech and Medicine Advances to Expect in 2019

2018 was bonkers for science. From a woman who gave birth using a transplanted uterus, to the infamous CRISPR baby scandal, to forensics adopting consumer-based genealogy test kits to track down criminals, last year was a factory churning out scientific “whoa” stories with consequences for years to come. With CRISPR still in the headlines, Britain […]

Making Superhumans Through Radical Inclusion and Cognitive Ergonomics

Imagine trying to read War and Peace one letter at a time. The thought alone feels excruciating. But in many ways, this painful idea holds parallels to how human-machine interfaces (HMI) force us to interact with and process data today. Designed back in the 1970s at Xerox PARC and later refined during the 1980s by […]

Educating the Wise Cyborgs of the Future

When we think of wisdom, we often think of ancient philosophers, mystics, or spiritual leaders. Wisdom is associated with the past. Yet some intellectual leaders are challenging us to reconsider wisdom in the context of the technological evolution of the future. With the rise of exponential technologies like virtual reality, big data, artificial intelligence, and […]

Are We Made of Memories? A Researcher’s Quest to Record His Life

How well do you remember what happened last week? Two weeks ago? Five weeks from last Tuesday? Unless you are meticulous in recording the events of your life, or something notable happened on a given date, your memories will likely be hazy at best. How many hours of your life, ignored, seep down into some […]

The Surprising Parallels Between Netflix’s ‘Maniac’ and Real-Life Therapy Tech

The human mind can be a confusing and overwhelming place. Despite incredible leaps in human progress, many of us still struggle to make our peace with our thoughts. The roots of this are complex and multifaceted. To find explanations for the global mental health epidemic, one can tap into neuroscience, psychology, evolutionary biology, or simply […]

Paralyzed Patients Can Now Control Android Tablets With Their Minds

Patient T6 was barely middle-aged when she began losing muscle function. A talented musician with a love for red lipstick, T6 was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a progressive—and unstoppable—neurodegenerative disorder that eats away at motor neurons that control movement. Speech and swallowing are generally the first to go. In just a few years, T6 […]

Incepting Sight? This Brain Implant Lets Blind Patients “See” Letters

For most of us, “eyes” are synonymous with “sight”: whatever our eyes capture, we perceive. Yet under the hood, eyes are only the first step in an informational relay that transmutes photons into understanding. Light-sensitive cells in the eyes capture our world in exquisite detail, converting photon signals into electrical ones. As these electrical pulses […]

New Research Shows How Brain-Computer Interaction Is Changing Cinema

Over the past few years, we have seen the extraordinary development of neural prosthetic technologies that can replace or enhance functions of our central nervous system. For example, devices like brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) allow the direct communication of the brain with a computer. The most common technique applied in these devices is electroencephalography (EEG), a […]

This Prosthesis Lets You Multitask With Three Arms

If you’ve ever juggled a situation where two arms aren’t enough, you’re in luck! Thanks to a new study published in Science Robotics, humans have the ability to mind-control a robotic arm on a task—while using their biological limbs on a different one. The possibilities are endless: no more juggling keys with grocery bags as […]