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No More Pills? Tiny Nerve-Zapping Implants to Fight Disease

Imagine a future where we can treat diabetes or autoimmune disorders with an electrical zap delivered by a device no larger than a speck of dust. The device, implanted through microsurgery, sits silently on a single nerve bundle, monitoring electrical signals sent out by the brain to itself and various organs in the body. When it detects a problem — a rogue misfire, or a shift in activity patterns — the device powers up, sending… read more

The Robot Apocalypse Is Looking Damn Funky

In a new Boston Dynamics video, a four-legged robot ducks under tables and walks up stairs; it does the dishes with a giraffe neck and weird dinosaur head. It jogs down the hall and slips on banana peels. (Robots are rapidly surpassing humans at slapstick.) But when it shows off its flexibility? Wow. Gold medal. As Gizmodo commenter lostEngineer so aptly put it: “The robot apocalypse sure does look funky.” Boston Dynamics is already well-known for its robot… read more

How to Run Wild Experiments Just Like (Google) X

This post explores how to run great experiments in your company, based on recent conversations with my friend Astro Teller, Chief of Moonshots at “X” (formally Google X, Google’s R&D factory). X’s mission is to invent and launch “moonshot” technologies that could make the world a radically better place…dare I say, help create a world of Abundance. Astro leads a team of brilliant engineers, scientists and creatives developing solutions to dozens (perhaps hundreds) of the world’s toughest problems. Some of their publicly known projects include: the self-driving cars, the smart contact lens, high-altitude wind-power generation, and Project Loon, just to name a small… read more

Watch Google X Unleash Awesome Two-Legged Robot on Tokyo

It’s been a little over two years since Google jumped into robotics with both feet. In 2013, the company (since reorganized as Alphabet) bought eight of the most interesting robotics companies in the world. But since that shopping spree, we haven’t been treated to many project updates. So, it’s always a treat to see what the companies are up to these days. Recently, at the New Economic Summit (NEST) in Tokyo, we got a pretty cool (if brief) tour of the world of Schaft—one of Google’s 2013 acquisitions—when Schaft CEO Yuto Nakanishi invited two bipedal robots up on stage with… read more

Why Reorganizing Google Is Essential for Its Survival

It used to be that businesses could see their competition coming and anticipate the threats. Clayton Christensen, with his theory of “disruptive innovation,” taught that a new entrant attacked a… read more
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