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How Google Is Revealing Unmapped Areas of the World in Virtual Reality

Technology companies left and right are developing new gadgets to advance virtual reality as an immersive entertainment and gaming platform. Others however, like VR producer Chris Milk, have hopes that the technology’s potential will extend far beyond sheer entertainment. One way this is being achieved is by using VR to transport viewers into the lives […]

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through February 11th)

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Understanding Agent Cooperation Joel Leibo, Vinicius Zambaldi, Marc Lanctot, Janusz Marecki, Thore Graepel | Google DeepMind Blog “Recent progress in artificial intelligence and specifically deep reinforcement learning provides us with the tools to look at the problem of social dilemmas through a new lens… we showed that we can apply the modern AI technique of deep […]

Is Choosing Your Own Reality All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

As rapid improvements in virtual reality technology make it possible to create and live in worlds perfectly tailored to our needs, are humans nearing utopia? The idea of a VR utopia was introduced to the public consciousness by the movie The Matrix, but in the film, humans were too imperfect to live in such a world and instead were relegated to a more true-to-life virtual reality. But if it were possible, would it be wise to… read more

The 21st Century Is a Wild Time to Be Alive

Last week in San Francisco, Singularity University hosted its first-ever Global Summit. In three days, we heard over 100 science and technology experts give talks in more categories than one human mind can fully process. Whether you attended the conference and need help making sense of the information or missed it and want a taste of the action, I’ve collected Singularity Hub articles on some of the major themes to give you takeaways from the… read more

VR Pioneer Chris Milk: Virtual Reality Will Mirror Life Like Nothing Else Before

“I don’t think the future of VR looks like video games; I don’t think it looks like cinematic VR; I think it looks like stories from our real lives. It’s the most amazing afternoon you’ve ever had. For one person, it might be what we call a rom-com, for another it might be an action movie. For another, it might be something we don’t have a movie genre preexisting for. It might be just exploring.”… read more

Why Digital Overload Is Now Central to the Human Condition

A mom pushes a stroller down the sidewalk while Skyping. A family of four sits at the dinner table plugged into their cell phones with the TV blaring in the… read more
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Are Movie Theaters About to Disappear? How VR Will Remake Hollywood

Since the first public movie theater opened in the U.S. in 1905, movies have evolved significantly—sound, color, computer effects, high definition. However, one thing hasn’t changed. We still go to… read more

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Experience These Four Cutting-Edge VR Demos For Yourself

As part of our month-long Future of Virtual Reality series, we want to highlight the most interesting, innovative work in VR today; and we want you to try it for yourself…. read more
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Stories From Around the Web: Virtual Reality Is the Ultimate Empathy Machine

From the earliest plays and novels, artists have created mediated experiences for their audiences to entertain, teach and expand perspectives. The best of these have catapulted audiences into magical worlds… read more
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