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New Project: Build a Cheap and Easy No-Solder Prototyping Board

A great transition from simple circuits to solderless breadboards, the springboard is a 50-year-old relic that’s difficult to find commercially these days, but easy and cheap to make.
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The post Build a Cheap and Easy No-Solder Protot…

New Project: Skill Builder: Cutting Perfect Breadboard Jumper Wires

When you’re wiring a circuit on a breadboard, neatness counts. If you use color-coded jumper wires that fit precisely, you can see your circuit clearly and track down errors easily. There are two types of pre-cut jumper wires: the long, flexible…

Teaching the LED Color Organ in Oregon with #WeekendProjects

Here’s a high school class in Oregon that recently built the Easy LED Color Organ, a “sound to light” breadboard circuit that converts audio input into flashing LEDs.Read more on MAKE

Getting Started with Breadboarding

Using a solderless breadboard is an important skill for hobby electronics. Nick Raymond explained the ins and outs of breadboards and how to use them at several sessions at Maker Faire NYC.Read more on MAKE

You Got an Arduino. Now What?

Don’t let your Arduino just gather dust in a drawer after the 25th. Learn from this video and you’ll be well on your way to letting it also gather data on how many times that drawer gets opened as you try to remember where you stored the New Year’s…

The Easy LED Color Organ: Get Ready to Rock with Weekend Projects!

If you like lights and music, you’ll have fun building this Easy LED Color Organ. You plug your music into it, and the circuit divides the sound into high, mid, and low frequencies and then flashes three different colors of LEDs according to those fr…

Easy LED Color Organ

Build a bright light display that flashes to the frequencies of your music.Read more on MAKE

Sensing Hot and Cold with Weekend Projects

Combine an Arduino, an ultransonic distance sensor, and some common components to build a classic “hot/cold” project. Once assembled, we’ll walk through the software “sketch” loaded onto our Arduino, and experiment with three variations of the “hot/col…

Ready, Set, Repeat After Me!

The Repeat After Me: A Mintronics Memory Game project is a throwback to the era of Simon and Pocket Repeat. Even more than 30 years after its initial release, this electronic game remains a hit.Read the full article on MAKE

A Micro Relay at Work

The fundamentals of switching in GIF format! See a 5V micro relay switch from normally-closed to normally-open and back to normally-closed.