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Maker Camp 2015: Welcome from Dale

The first day of Maker Camp’s best summer ever: Hop over to makercamp.com to Explore, Make, and Share with campers like you around the world.
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20 Projects to Make with the Whole Family for Father’s Day

Forget the gifts this Father’s Day! With busy work and school schedules, after school activities, clubs, and personal projects, time is the best present a dad can get. So in the spirit of spending time with dad, here are a handful of engaging pr…

CEO of Autodesk Shares Tips for Making with Kids

Autodesk CEO Carl Bass has been a Maker for 35 years. In that time he’s made a lot of fun, beautiful projects, as well as plenty of mistakes along the way. We had a chance to listen in on his talk this past May at Maker Faire Bay Area and […]

A Visually Impaired Mother Sees Her Ultrasound Thanks to 3D Printing

A Huggies-sponsored clip showing visually impaired mother-to-be Tatiana Guerra as she “sees” her unborn child for the first time with a 3D printed ultrasound has racked up nearly 10 million views on YouTube. A São Paulo-based digital pro…

A Backyard Roller Coaster the Whole Family Can Build

Will Pemble might just be the coolest dad ever. “Once upon a time, my son asked me if we could make a roller coaster in our backyard. I thought it over — for about 15 seconds — and said ‘Yes.’” Pemble says.  Most people would be in…

The Rise of the Maker Movement for Kids

If you’re a Maker Faire veteran, you’ve seen the growing droves of kids engaging in the excitement and promise of the Maker Movement. Watching a child solder that first LED followed by the amazed “ah ha” look that inevitably appears when it…

Watch These Kids Go Nuts Making Rube Goldberg Machines

STEAMLabs invited kids and families to build crazy Rube Goldberg machines at their brand-new Makerspace in downtown Toronto, and the resulting video is 62 seconds of fun. Makes me think OK Go should just hire these kids to do their next video. STEAMLab…

New Project: Make a Combination Blackboard/Bulletin Board

Make a simple blackboard/bulletin board that cleverly uses a yardstick to divide the two. It’s quick, easy, and makes a great gift too! Another great project from Make: contributor and toy inventor Bob Knetzger.
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Man Saves Wife’s Sight by 3D Printing Her Tumor

When his wife was misdiagnosed, Michael Balzer used 3D printing and imaging to get her wellRead more on MAKE

6 Inexpensive Materials, Dozens of Ideas

These posts first appeared in Education Community newsletters leading up to Maker Faire Bay Area 2014. Where are the ideas? Click on any blue word to explore. Make with: Paper Paper is so readily available and versatile, making it the perfect materi…