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Widely Curious About the Future? Come Work at Singularity Hub!

Are you a technology enthusiast? A ravenous consumer of online content? Have you ever thought about joining Singularity Hub’s dynamic and future thinking team? If so, now’s your chance. We’re searching for an associate editor and a web production editor to join our team of sharp and quirky tech optimists. We’re a vibrant team of critical thinkers, tech enthusiasts, and skeptical optimists. The idea of entering a lively group that asks “why” (a lot) should excite you! We’re big thinkers,… read more

Join Our Team! Singularity Hub is Now Hiring a Senior Editor/Writer

Here’s your bio: You’ve spent your life working on projects and jobs that allow both creativity and critical thinking. Sometimes you’re hyperanalytical to the mild irritation of friends; other times, you’re the most expressive person… read more …