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Furniture stores bikes as conversation pieces

chol1-bike-storage-design-furniture-modernChol1 is a line of modern furniture that showcases bikes proudly within the home.

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Solar lamp fits onto endless 3D printed accessories

suliSULI is a personal, modular, solar lighting system which is designed to fit easily with any number of 3D printed accessories.

In Chile, vending machines in local stores offer affordable staples

algramoAlgramo install vending machines in local stores — selling bulk staples at affordable rates — before spliting the profits with the shopkeepers.

This self-locking bike is impossible to steal

yerkaThe YERKA Project has designed a two-wheeler whose frame functions as a lock, requiring thieves to saw the frame — rendering the entire bike useless — if they want to steal it.

Skateboard is made of debris trawled from the sea

minnowCalifornia’s Bureo Skateboards is working with the Chilean government to create Minnow, a skateboard whose deck is made entirely from abandoned fishing nets from the country’s coastline.

In Chile, sports goods are paid for with exercise

colunColun Light’s Así da gusto pagar campaign has seen customers at its pop-up sportswear shop pay with exercise, rather than money.

Santiago Mini Maker Faire 2013—Day One

4,100 attended the first day of the Santiago Mini Maker Faire—more than triple the 2012 Saturday attendance!   A fantastic array of local Chilean and neighbor South American makers provided workshops, demos, conversation, ideas, hands-on action and …

A Maker’s Education in Santiago

A few months ago, I applied to a little known, first iteration program, called Exosphere. I quit my job in corporate finance, sold most of my belongings, and decided to venture to Santiago, Chile to experience something that I thought would change my l…

A Sneak Peek from Santiago: Lights, Bikes, and Clouds

Buenos días from Santiago, Chile where preparations are well under way for the second Santiago Mini Maker Faire.Read more on MAKE

You Want to go to Santiago

Best Maker Faire promo video ever?! Watch and get planning to hop on down to Chile’s second ever Maker Faire on November 23 & 24. Read more on MAKE