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New Project: 3D Print the Ultimate Helping Hands for a PCB Workstation

Learn how to 3D print and assemble your own PCB workstation for soldering and testing delicate electronics projects.
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Casting Your Own 3D Printed Parts

In response to our post about 3D printing spec parts from the design files in McMaster-Carr’s online catalog, reader Frankie Flood pointed us to his posts about sand casting 3D printed parts. This first piece posted to his blog was his first atte…

New Review: Review: Smooth-On XTC-3D Brush-On Coating for 3D Printed Parts

Sometimes 3D printed parts look interesting printed in lower resolutions with distinct layer lines. For example, the lines on a 3D printed scale model of a larger part to be CNC routed can represent a visible tool path in scale, but sometimes you want …