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Why Prospecting Asteroids for Precious Resources Is Now Possible [Video]

Today’s world is built on a foundation of material objects, and Earth is the only place to obtain the natural resources that modern life depends on. But maybe not for much longer. Most of the raw materials we value on Earth exist in much larger quantities in space. Asteroids aren’t much more than huge chunks of rock, metal, and water. Leveraging them for mining and human space exploration is a major opportunity. If we solve the technical challenges, the potential is vast. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has said: “The first trillionaire in the world is going to be the person… read more

Space and Technology Review: Asteroid Detection and Mining

Millions of rocky objects orbit near Earth. Scientists have identified thousands of asteroids, but there are many that are still unaccounted for that could threaten regional or global disaster. Finding these asteroids may prevent a destructive impact—and may also prove a key resource to future space exploration. This post explores our mission to find dangerous (and resource-rich) asteroids, and reviews the recent US law passed on asteroid mining that some speculate could result in a new trillion-dollar market for the space industry. This is Part 3 of our Space GGC Series focused on important issues facing us now: Part 1: Our Home Among… read more

How to Build a Starship — and Why We Should Start Thinking About It Now

With a growing number of Earth-like exoplanets discovered in recent years, it is becoming increasingly frustrating that we can’t visit them. After all, our knowledge of the planets in our… read more
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Our Star Trek-like Future Awaits on This Week’s Episode of Ask an Expert [VIDEO]

If you consider how much of our world’s systems revolve around scarcity — from basic needs like food and shelter to quality-of-life improving desirables — it’s no wonder that the resource-abundant world of the… read more
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Watch NASA’s Dawn Spacecraft Buzz Dwarf Planet Ceres in the Asteroid Belt

This March, NASA’s Dawn spacecraft became the first explorer to visit a dwarf planet. Primarily a science mission, Dawn will map the surface of the asteroid belt’s largest citizen, Ceres, to… read more
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