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5 Future Visions to Fuel Your Imagination of What’s Possible

Through the lens of imagination, humankind has the ability to see far beyond the present. The strongest of these guiding visions tend to coalesce and together steer the trajectory of where we’re headed—even if we don’t arrive exactly where expected. But what fuels the imagination? The information we consume paints a picture of the world we inhabit. Both sci-fi and forecasting offer fertile ground for stimulating thoughts about the future, while also helping us imagine… read more

See What Happens When Killer Robots Are Born in a Car Factory

Could you imagine a robot takeover beginning anywhere other than a major automobile factory? It only makes sense—car plants are already some of the most automated, robot-packed spots on the planet. “ANA” is a recent sci-fi short film exploring this human-machine apocalypse scenario. In the film, we experience the moments leading up to the beginning of the end through the eyes of a nondescript factory worker who appears bored and made mostly irrelevant because of… read more

A Peek at Hacking in an Energy Starved Future

In the future, we’ll all live in “Live Cubes,” tiny homes that restrict your energy and water use
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