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How Can Managers Perfect Workplace Communication?

Nowadays, many enterprises are knocking on the door of business heaven. However, not many of them will be granted access. Whether or not they’ll succeed in putting their visions to practice will depend on numerous minute details. One of these details is workplace communication. Businesses whose managers create an encouraging work ambience will blossom and thrive. Others will plummet and dive into the chaos of bad relationships and workplace misunderstandings. So, here’s what you can do to…

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14 Year Old Builds Communication Device for Brain-Injured Friend

Try not to get anything in your eye as you hear this moving story of a teen helping an injured friend communicate with the world again.
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A Maker’s Introduction to Ham Radio

You may have heard about amateur or “ham” radio from a friend or maybe one of the members in your Makerspace is a ham. What is ham radio and what does it offer you? First, you’re a Maker, so you already have a lot in common with the ham radio [&h…

DIY Bluetooth Intercom Links Riders Helmet to Helmet

If you ride a motorcycle with another rider, you may decide that an intercom system would be an excellent way to communicate without constantly shouting. You could buy a purpose-built unit, but what fun would that be? This Instructables article by &#8…