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New Project: Build a Nipple Driver from an Old Bike Spoke

As a custom bike manufacturer, I make all my own tooling. Most of it is advanced or heavy duty, but I’ve also made some simple, elegant tools from old spokes. This tutorial is for a nipple driver, which winds the nipples — the little pieces tha…

Upcycled Bike Chain Becomes Funky Timepiece

Brian Barmmer repurposed an old bike chain and cassette into this creative clock
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Students Build Pedal-Powered Wooden Monowheel

June 1-5 is Bike Week, and although a monowheel isn’t technically within the category of bikes, here at Make:, we thought this one was definitely cool enough to share some of the Bike Week love. If you can’t afford a motorized version, g…

Maker Profile: Craig Calfee Builds Carbon Bicycles by Hand

Most hand-made bicycles are built from steel or titanium, but Calfee Designs makes them from carbon.
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Smart Bike Tweeted its Cross-Country Journey

Precious is the name of the sensor laden anthropomorphized bicycle modified by New York makers Zolty, Mattias Gunneras, and Michael Lipton of Breakfast. The project started when its rider, Janeen, had decided to ride across the US on the TransAmerica T…

From Kickstarter to Collaboration, Taking Urban Biking to the Next Level

A loose consortium of bike-tech Kickstarter startups is collaborating to negotiate the crowdfunding valley of death.
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Check Out this Wacky Square-Framed Fixie Bike

Bicycles are normally made out of round tubing, but there’s really no reason that square tubing couldn’t be used, as seen on this bike made by Aaron Seiter and based on Michale Ubbesen Jakobson’s “BauBike” design. As Seite…

Gadgetize Your Bike with these 3 Projects

Over the years at Make: there have been a ton of bike related builds, maintenance tips, and wacky modifications. It makes sense, as most bikes don’t come with much beyond the essentials to pedal and steer around town. Whether it’s adding a …

Lug Cargo with a Converted Children’s Bike Trailer

  Bicycles are great for transporting one person, but what if you need a trailer to haul extra gear? You could always buy a cargo trailer, but why not make one? On Bikehacks.com, John Doppert shows how you can take an old trailer, meant to haul a …

5 Easy to Make Bike Fenders and Mudguards

Not all bikes come with fenders, but they can be really handy to have. Without a bike fender, driving through a puddle can be cringeworthy. Once your wheel hits that water, your back is bound to be showered in a disgusting mess, and don’t even t…