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Ray Kurzweil: We Can Control AI Before It Controls Us

Over time, technology offers solutions to old problems while creating new issues in the process. The more powerful the technology, the greater its potential to do good and harm. Artificial intelligence is no exception, and as AI has advanced, worry about its risks has grown too. Technology’s dual identity isn’t new, Ray Kurzweil said in a Q&A at Singularity University. “Technology has actually been a double-edged sword since fire, which has kept us warm and… read more

Long Promised Artificial Intelligence Is Looming—and It’s Going to Be Amazing

We have been hearing predictions for decades of a takeover of the world by artificial intelligence. In 1957, Herbert A. Simon predicted that within 10 years a digital computer would be the world’s chess champion. That didn’t happen until 1996. And despite Marvin Minsky’s 1970 prediction that “in from three to eight years we will have a machine with the general intelligence of an average human being,” we still consider that a feat of science… read more

AI More Like Iron Man’s JARVIS Is Coming This Next Decade…Bring It On

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most important technology we’re developing this decade. It’s a massive opportunity for humanity, not a threat. So, what is AI? Broadly, AI is the ability… read more