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New Project: Finish Your Trinkets with This DIY Faux Enamel

Here’s a fun tutorial that was used in a DIY project found in a past issue of Make: — the “EZ-Make Oven.” It featured an incandescent bulb, as a heat source, built into a paint can for baking plastisol creatures, aka Creepy Crawlers! He…

Cardboard Chuckwagon: DIY Food Truck For Kids

When I was a kid, a giant cardboard box was just about the best toy ever. My friends and I built forts, castles, and storefronts. We used them as sleds, cars, and rockets, and we even got inside them and rolled down hills. (In retrospect, the latter wa…

The Idosyncratic Products of Stern Design Works

Rebecca and Cameron Stern of Stern Design Works create jewelry, sculptures, and toys through a mix of traditional metalsmithing, 3D printing, hand painting, mixed mediums, and plant derived epoxy resin. Read more on MAKE

Miniature Hand-Cranked Marble Machine

Check out this tiny marble machine.Read the full article on MAKE

Animated Admiral Ackbar Costume

Everybody’s favorite bipedal cephalopod, Admiral Ackbar, is faithfully recreated in animatronic detail by Tom Cuthbert and Daniel Valdez. The head and arms are cast in rubber and outfitted with hardware to control facial expressions.