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New Project: Use an Arduino and Relays to Control AC Lights and Appliances

This plug-and-play rig will make it easy to control high-voltage outputs from a low-voltage Arduino.
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LED Stickers Are an Easy Gateway into Making

We all recognize the power of making with LEDs. (Arduino “Hello World!” anyone?) LEDs have been the lure drawing many into the world of making. However, LED projects have remained inaccessible to many young ladies. No more! LiteSeeds L…

New Project: Create Pop-Up Paper Crafts with Interactive Electronics

Making art projects with paper is fun and accessible for even the littlest of hands. Incorporating electronics into those paper crafts is an educational opportunity to learn about conductivity and circuitry. Project Daffodil is here to introduce you t…

DIY Open Source Reflow Oven

Peter Easton and Gary Tietz are both semi-retired engineers, but still enjoy tinkering with software and hardware projects in their spare time. Together they set out to solve a big challenge for those designing small form factor electronics boards: sol…