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The 21st Century Is a Wild Time to Be Alive

Last week in San Francisco, Singularity University hosted its first-ever Global Summit. In three days, we heard over 100 science and technology experts give talks in more categories than one human mind can fully process. Whether you attended the conference and need help making sense of the information or missed it and want a taste of the action, I’ve collected Singularity Hub articles on some of the major themes to give you takeaways from the… read more

Why We Need Moonshot Thinking in High School Education

Take a moment and think back to when you were in kindergarten. Activities like capturing tadpoles, making birdfeeders, and building forts filled school days with wonder and excitement. Now fast-forward to 9th grade memories; the magic of the classroom begins to dwindle, right? There’s a reason for this. When kids enter school around age six, they’re naturally engaged in the classroom; their minds are fresh slates and sponges of curiosity. But research shows that around… read more

Singularity University Comes Home: Global Summit Kicks off Today in San Francisco

Singularity University’s inaugural Global Summit is kicking off today in tech capital San Francisco and running through August 30th. The Singularity Hub team will be on the ground, covering some of the best speakers, and bringing you live Facebook interviews to give you a taste of the magic too. SU’s three exponential conferences all have a unique industry focus—finance, medicine, and manufacturing. But the focus of Global Summit is to go broad, showcase trends in… read more

Here’s How We Can Reinvent the Classroom for the Digital Age

When I was in elementary school, about 50 years ago, teachers used to stand in front of a class of 40 or 50 children and write on a blackboard with… read more