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How to Make an Exponential Business Model to 10X Growth

Leaders often encourage their teams to think big and be more disruptive—but to follow through, people need new tools. We believe that learning how to design exponential business models is a discipline all leaders and entrepreneurs can learn. So, how do you design exponential business models? What Is an Exponential Business Model? A business model […]

The 6 Ds of Tech Disruption: A Guide to the Digital Economy

“The Six Ds are a chain reaction of technological progression, a road map of rapid development that always leads to enormous upheaval and opportunity.” –Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler, Bold We live in incredible times. News travels the globe in an instant. Music, movies, games, communication, and knowledge are ever-available on always-connected devices. From biotechnology to artificial intelligence, powerful technologies that were once only available to huge organizations and governments are becoming more accessible and… read more

The Motivating Power of a Massive Transformative Purpose

Eradicating diseases, mastering flight, near-instant global communication, going to the moon—humans have developed a taste for making the impossible possible. Though we still face a daunting list of global challenges, we’ve learned that science and technology can uncover big solutions. But mind-blowing breakthroughs don’t just happen. They take teams of bright and dedicated people chipping away at the problem day and night. They take a huge amount of motivation, toil, and at least a few… read more

Vital Lessons on Disruption From the Demise of Corporate Giants

This post is about how to not to be disrupted and, perhaps more importantly, how to disrupt yourself before someone else does. I had the chance to sit down with Ed McNierney, who came out of Lotus 1-2-3 and ran digital strategy at Kodak. Over the years, he has learned a lot from both Lotus and Kodak’s failures. Ed brings 30 years of wide-ranging technology expertise to the table — and he’s seen a lot of unintended disruption. Who Is Ed McNierney? In the late 1980s, Ed led the development of Lotus 1-2-3 for Windows in an attempt to compete with the… read more

Disruption’s Dark Side: Lessons From the Misadventures of a Tech-Savvy NBA Executive

“Negative advice [what not to do] is vastly more important than positive advice.” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb Sam Hinkie, an NBA executive known for his love of advanced sports technologies, just quit his job — ending one of the weirdest and most intriguing strategy experiments in recent memory. If you’re a business leader wondering how to instill a bit of disruptive thinking into a stubbornly conservative culture, take note of Hinkie’s story — applying emerging tech, long-term foresight, and a bold idea can sometimes be enough to get you chased out of town. As general manager of the NBA’s Philadelphia… read more

Stay Ahead of the Next Industrial Revolution With Exponential Manufacturing

Self-driving cars, delivery drones, 3D printing, robots, and artificial intelligence. All heavily used news headlines, and all technologies that will change the way people buy, sell, make, interact, and live. New technologies are arriving at an exponentially increasing pace, and the global market is trying to keep up. At the center of this change lie the companies that create the products of tomorrow. Whether it’s a personalized 3D-printed car or large-scale fabrication in space, the opportunities for financial success and human progress are greater than ever. Looking to the future, manufacturing may begin to include never-before-seen approaches to making things… read more

Exponential Finance: New Breed of Organizations Re-Ranks the Fortune 100

Come to Singularity Hub for the latest from the frontiers of finance and technology as we bring you coverage of Singularity University and CNBC’s Exponential Finance conference. Yesterday, an alarming statistic was thrown… read more
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The Secrets of Unicorn Companies (and the 100 Most Scalable Organizations)

We are in era of unprecedented value creation, and its symbol is the Unicorn — a company that rapidly gains to a valuation of a billion dollars and beyond. While pundits are… read more

Why We Need Local Economies to Balance Technological Unemployment

Exponential technologies and digitization lure our focus to global markets, dangling the potential of massive profits and dizzying scale. Entrepreneurs and investors look for opportunities to create the next platform,… read more