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Sending Data Using Sound for the Internet of Things

With the release today of a free SDK for iOS, Android, and Arduino you can now connect the Internet of Things, not with wires, but with sound.
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How to Fix Your Broken MicroView

The response by GeekAmmo and Sparkfun to the MicroView problem has been amazing, but you can fix your broken one fairly simply if you’re prepared to crack the case.Read more on MAKE

Maker Faire and eBooks, Oh My!

In celebration of Maker Week, which began with MakerCon and moves like an Arduino-powered steam rocket directly towards Maker Faire Bay Area, all Make ebooks and videos are 50% off through May 19. One of our newest titles takes the ordinary magic of el…

New AVR Programming Book from MAKE

Our latest book, Elliot Williams‘ Make: AVR Programming, is now available in the Maker Shed. To get a taste of the book, check out the excerpt we’ve posted.Read more on MAKE

The TinyLoadr Shield Programs AVRs From Your Arduino

Turn your Arduino into an AVR programmer with the TinyLoadr Shield! Jeff Murchison’s shield makes shrinking Arduino projects easier and more efficient.Read more on MAKE

Designing a Window Manager for a Micro-Controller

Andrew Rossignol decided to implement a window manager to run on an ATmega1284p micro-controller using the uVGA-II VGA controller.Read the full article on MAKE

A Fine Example of Dead Bug Style Circuit Wiring

“Dead bug style” circuit wiring is the cute name for soldering together components without a printed circuit board. The “dead bug” is the integrated circuit flipped upside down with its “legs” sticking up. Over at the Dangerous Prototypes forum, a maker shows off his dead bug skills, which he used […]