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We Are What We Make: Manufacturing’s Digital Revolution Is Here

Take a moment and look at the objects surrounding you. Maybe you’re reading this article on your computer or cell phone, sitting in a chair, standing at your desk, or riding the local transit system. You may be drinking coffee from your favorite mug or opening the wrapper of your beloved midday snack. At any moment, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of objects surrounding you that all came from a manufacturing facility. Perhaps more than any other, the force and power of this industry is evident everywhere you look. Last week at Singularity University’s first-ever Exponential Manufacturing conference in… read more

5 Great Lessons on Scrappy Innovation for Big Companies Like GE

Kevin Nolan, CTO of GE Appliances, spent 28 years at General Electric, “trying to do innovation,” as he puts it, before giving up. He finally accepted he couldn’t do it, internally at least. At one point, Nolan watched how refrigerators were made and assembled at GE’s Appliance Park in Louisville, Kentucky and realized that the process of designing and building refrigerators today was not much different from the days of the icebox. He wanted to infuse the company with some of the innovative techniques he was seeing others using. To do this, he created a new business within GE Appliances… read more

Bring Nugget Ice Home with a Crowdsourced Design

FirstBuild is trying to give their community and consumers at large the opportunity to have nugget ice at home, right where they want it.
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Technology Doesn’t Just Erase Jobs—It Creates Them Too

Worries about the future often share a critical flaw. They sometimes assume nothing changes, or that change happens more slowly than it does—when instead, awareness of a problem drives people… read more