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5 Reasons This Was an Awesome Year for Space Exploration

On 14 February, 1990, as the spacecraft Voyager 1 was leaving our planetary neighborhood, legendary astronomer and cosmologist, Carl Sagan, suggested that NASA engineers turn it around for one last look at Earth from 6.4 billion kilometers away. The picture that was taken depicts Earth as a tiny point of light—a “pale blue dot,” as […]

This Is How to Invent Radical Solutions to Huge Problems

If you force a grasshopper into a jar and fasten the lid, the grasshopper eventually shortens its jump after hitting the lid enough times.  After a while, even if you take the lid off the jar, the grasshopper will stay put—it’s forgotten how high it can jump. We’re a lot like grasshoppers in this way. When we’re kids we believe we can be and achieve anything. But then, slowly, our big thinking starts disappearing, and… read more

Elon Musk Is Right: We Can Insure Against Extinction by Colonizing Space

From time to time, the Singularity Hub editorial team unearths a gem from the archives and wants to share it all over again. It’s usually a piece that was popular back then and we think is still relevant now. This is one of those articles. It was originally published October 5th, 2014. We hope you enjoy it!  Why blow billions of dollars on space exploration when billions of people are living in poverty here on Earth?… read more

The Tools of Change Are Here: What Will You Do With Them?

Digital connectivity is a defining characteristic of the 21st century. And though it’s an often criticized aspect of modern society, it’s also making us more aware of our fellow human beings. News has never spread so rapidly across the globe or so widely illuminated global problems that desperately need more attention. “It’s painful when we see an incident halfway across the world that’s grotesque,” said Ray Kurzweil this week at the Global Solutions Program (GSP)… read more

Interview: Neil Jacobstein Discusses Future of Jobs, Universal Basic Income and the Ethical Dangers of AI

As part of Singularity University’s Future of Work series, I had a chance to sit down with Neil Jacobstein, the co-chair of the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics track. Neil has… read more