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Ray Kurzweil: The Future Offers Meaningful Work, Not Meaningless Jobs

In a future where automation has taken most human “jobs,” will humans stop working? It all depends on how you define work, says Ray Kurzweil. He favors the idea of a universal basic income to cover the necessities, but he doesn’t think that means we won’t work. We’ll just do more of the things we’ve always wanted to but didn’t have time. “We really need to rethink what is it that we should be doing… read more

This Week’s Awesome Stories from Around the Web (Through Mar 21)

Enjoy this week’s stories! ROBOTICS: Sawyer: Rethink Robotics Unveils New Robot Evan Ackerman & Erico Guizzo | IEEE Spectrum “According to Rethink, labor costs in Chinese factories are rising 15 to 20… read more