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Crowdfunding’s Continued Maturity Is Empowering Entrepreneurs Like Never Before

One of the core ideas in my latest book Bold is that today, for the first time in history, entrepreneurs have the ability to take on grand, world-changing projects—the kinds that… read more

Signs Virtual Reality and Crowdfunding Are Going Mainstream

Three exciting developments — that I believe you should know about — happened in technology this week. In this blog, I want to share them with you and give you context. Pebble Time… read more

Revolution in Fundraising

Over the last 30 years, I’ve raised hundreds of millions of dollars for my startups and XPRIZEs. This is a critical blog for any entrepreneur trying to raise money. As… read more

Poll: 1,000+ Business Leaders Weigh in on Disruption and the Future of Tech

Let’s say you buy this idea that an increasing number of technologies are on an exponential curve (that is, they’re advancing at an accelerating pace) and whereas you might once… read more