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A Big Shift Is Coming, and It Could Uber-ize Entire Industries

Visit Singularity Hub for the latest from the frontiers of manufacturing and technology as we bring you coverage of ​Singularity University’s Exponential Manufacturing conference​. Watch all the talks from the first day here and second day here​. Who will rule the future economy—entrepreneurs or mega corporations? Will the economy fracture into smaller and smaller bits or centralize in a winner-take-all scenario? The answer, according to John Hagel, is it depends where you look. Hagel is co-chairman of Deloitte’s Center for the Edge. Speaking at Singularity University’s Exponential Manufacturing conference in Boston, Hagel outlined a powerful, decades-long economic trend his group calls the… read more

What Made These Amazing Companies So Disruptive? They All Built Platforms

A trait shared by the fastest growing and most disruptive companies in history — Google, Amazon, Uber, AirBnb, and eBay—is that they aren’t focused on selling products, they are building platforms. The ability to leverage the network effects of a platform is something that the technology industry learned long ago — and perfected. It is what gives Silicon Valley an unfair advantage over competitors in every industry; something that is becoming increasingly important as all information becomes digitized. A platform isn’t a new concept, it is simply a way of building something that is open, inclusive, and has a strategic… read more

The Billion-Dollar Trait Behind Airbnb, Instagram, and Pinterest

An overnight success… after 10 years of hard work. That’s the story for my founding XPRIZE and co-founding Zero-G. It’s also the story of AirBnb, Instagram, Pinterest and a lot… read more
The post The Billion-Dollar Trait Behind Airbnb, Instagram,…

Exponential Finance: This Startup Lets Anyone Send Digital Cash Without a Bank

Come to Singularity Hub for the latest from the frontiers of finance and technology as we bring you coverage of Singularity University and CNBC’s Exponential Finance conference. Today there are 6.8 billion cell… read more
The post Exponential Fin…

Then and Now: 8 Fun Examples of Exponential Change From the Last Decade

It’s hard to believe, but… Ten years ago… The first video was uploaded to YouTube. Facebook, then just a year old, dropped “the” from its old URL “thefacebook.com” after acquiring… read more

Why Startups Like Uber, Airbnb, and SpaceX Succeed, While Others Fail

What’s most important for the success of your project? Is it the team? Funding? Timing? Idea? Business model? Recently I heard Bill Gross, one of the most brilliant entrepreneurs of this century,… read more

The Secrets of Unicorn Companies (and the 100 Most Scalable Organizations)

We are in era of unprecedented value creation, and its symbol is the Unicorn — a company that rapidly gains to a valuation of a billion dollars and beyond. While pundits are… read more

Summit Spain: We’re Going to Rewire the Way Your Brain Views the Future

There’s a story about Napoleon that goes something like this: At a state dinner, he gave his soldiers silver utensils and his court gold. But the guest of honor, the… read more

Poll: 1,000+ Business Leaders Weigh in on Disruption and the Future of Tech

Let’s say you buy this idea that an increasing number of technologies are on an exponential curve (that is, they’re advancing at an accelerating pace) and whereas you might once… read more