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Learn How To Design And Print Assistive Devices With This Free Course

Often, when we think of how makers can help those with special physical needs, we tend to envision the fancy robotic prosthetics that grace so many social media feeds. Those are great, and certainly fun to look at, but for the majority of people, assis…

Creating This Deceptively Simple Looking Logo Teaches Tons Of Tips

For anyone who has used it, there is no denying Fusion 360 is obviously an incredibly powerful tool. However, if you’re not a guru, it can be intimidating when you’re trying to make shapes that aren’t just simple boxes. Joe Krcma from…

Help Make The Worlds Largest 3D Printed Duck

It isn’t every day that you can participate in a world record attempt! With the Great Duck Project, you could help construct the worlds largest 3D Printed duck. The Great Duck Project is an initiative to create the world’s largest globally crowds…

E3D Launches New 3D Printing Slicer

In the world of 3D printing, slicers – the software that rips your models into layers and tells your printer how to lay them – are a hot topic. Gurus will contest not only their optimal settings but the pros and cons of how each individual …

Eperimenting With Smart Infill For Stronger 3D Prints

There seem to be a never ending supply of inventive ways that home experimenters are forwarding 3d printing.  Stefan from CNC Kitchen on Youtube is showing off some really cool experimentation in this video that take advantage of easy to use physical s…

Watch Objects Appear In An Instant With This Experimental 3D Printing Method

Watching 3D printers do their job is already a surprisingly mesmerizing activity. Any time there is one in a public place plodding along to lay down its layers of plastic, a crowd will surely form to watch. The process typically takes a considerable am…

Start And Stop GCode: Commands To Make Your Printer Do Your Bidding

3D printers communicate via a language called G-code, like all Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines. This versatile language provides a set of human-readable commands for controlling each action that a 3D printer performs. Slicing software may …

3D Printed Heads Can Unlock Phones. What Does that Mean for Biometric Security?

Facial recognition technology is likely not as safe as you may have thought. This was illustrated by a recent test where 3D printed busts of peoples’ heads were used to unlock smartphones. Out of five tested phones, only one refused to open when presented with the fake head. Other biometric security measures are also showing […]

5 Axis 3D Printing Brings New Possibilities

more axis, many more possibilities
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Fighting Package Theft With Glitter and Fart Spray

Mark Rober is well known for his over-engineered builds, from gigantic Nerf blasters to liquifying sand in a hot tub. Now, in what he says “might be my Magnum Opus,” Rober lashes back at the increasingly common issue of doorstep package thievery. Watch and laugh as he demonstrates the glitter-spraying […]

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The post Fighting Package Theft With Glitter and Fart Spray appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.