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How Leaders Dream Boldly to Bring New Futures to Life

This article is part of a new series exploring the skills leaders must learn to make the most of rapid change in an increasingly disruptive world. The first article in the series, “How the Most Successful Leaders Will Thrive in an Exponential World,” broadly outlines four critical leadership skills—futurist, technologist, innovator, and humanitarian—and how they […]

How the Most Successful Leaders Will Thrive in an Exponential World

We live in challenging times. Geopolitical turmoil, local and national social unrest, cycles of deadly natural disasters, cyber hacks, rising distrust of media and tech companies—many recent disruptive events have taken us by surprise. Nearly two decades ago, military planners coined an acronym to capture the nature of an increasingly unpredictable and dynamic world. They […]

The 6 Ds of Tech Disruption: A Guide to the Digital Economy

“The Six Ds are a chain reaction of technological progression, a road map of rapid development that always leads to enormous upheaval and opportunity.” –Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler, Bold We live in incredible times. News travels the globe in an instant. Music, movies, games, communication, and knowledge are ever-available on always-connected devices. From biotechnology to artificial intelligence, powerful technologies that were once only available to huge organizations and governments are becoming more accessible and… read more

Why the World Is Better Than Ever—and Will Get Better Still

If you read or watch the news, you’ll likely think the world is falling to pieces. Trends like terrorism, climate change, and a growing population straining the planet’s finite resources can easily lead you to think our world is in crisis. But there’s another story, a story the news doesn’t often report. This story is backed by data, and it says we’re actually living in the most peaceful, abundant time in history, and things are… read more

3 Actionable Insights From the Singularity University Global Summit Expo Floor

Walking onto the expo floor at Singularity University Global Summit is an exhilarating and overwhelming experience. Packed with rows and booths of cutting-edge companies, it’s like being a kid in candy store, except all the people in the candy store are way smarter than you. Nevertheless, I braved the expo, and I couldn’t be more glad I did. The people I met gave me some ideas that are going to stick with me for a… read more

Solutions to the World’s Biggest Problems Are Within Our Reach

At Singularity University (SU) we believe it is possible to solve today’s most pressing problems within the next couple decades. We call these the global grand challenges (GGCs). Our ambition and optimism stem from the nature of exponential technologies and their capacity to bring real, affordable solutions to billions in increasingly shorter and shorter time frames—while also empowering all people from around the globe to solve the challenges we each see around us. Many important… read more

Technology Feels Like It’s Accelerating — Because It Actually Is

“Technology goes beyond mere tool making; it is a process of creating ever more powerful technology using the tools from the previous round of innovation.” –Ray Kurzweil A decade ago, smartphones (as we know them by today’s standards) didn’t exist. Three decades earlier, no one even owned a computer. Think about that—the first personal computers arrived about 40 years ago. Today, it seems nearly everyone is gazing at a glowing, handheld computer. (In fact, two-thirds of Americans own one, according to a Pew Report.) Intuitively, it feels like technology is progressing faster than ever. But is it really? According to Ray Kurzweil—yes, it absolutely… read more

A Grand Unveiling: Inside the Big Ideas Hatched at the 2015 Graduate Studies Program

Only 10 weeks ago, 80 individuals from 43 countries around the world arrived on Singularity University’s campus here in Silicon Valley to embark on SU’s flagship Graduate Studies Program. Over the… read more
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GSP 2015 Closing Ceremony: Meet 20+ Startups With Revolution on the Brain

Join Singularity University August 20 at San Jose’s California Theatre for the 2015 Graduate Studies Program Closing Ceremony—a night of inspiration, impact, and exciting pitches for 20+ new startups aiming to tackle… read more
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Ask an Expert, a New Web Series from Singularity University with Answers about the Future of Tech

Do you have a burning question about emerging technologies and how they’re shaping the world? Maybe you’re curious about when bitcoin will be accepted everywhere or when nanobots will be repairing your body… read more
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