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Can DNA Hard Drives Solve Our Looming Data Storage Crisis?

The idea of storing digital data in DNA seems like science fiction. At first glance, it might not seem obvious that a molecule can store data. The term “data storage” conjures up images of physical artifacts like CDs and data centers, not a microscopic molecule like DNA. But there are a number of reasons why DNA is an exciting option for information storage. The status quo We’re in the midst of a data explosion. We… read more

This Droplet of DNA Could Store 600 Smartphones Worth of Retrievable Data

To most of us, DNA stores the code of all living things. But according to computer scientists, DNA may one day become the preferential storage medium for all things. Earlier this month, a team of scientists at the University of Washington published a paper describing one of the first complete DNA storage systems that encodes, stores and retrieves digital images using strings of synthetic DNA molecules. This isn’t the first attempt at using the code of life to store digital data, but it’s certainly unique. Here’s the kicker: the system supports random access — selectively reading only a desired file… read more

World’s Data Could Fit on a Teaspoon-Sized DNA Hard Drive and Survive Thousands of Years

The blueprint of every living thing on the planet is encoded in DNA. We know the stuff can hold a lot of information. But how much is a lot? We could… read more