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Tasty, Tasty Skull Truffles

Artist Marc Brownlow won first place in the food category of our Halloween contest last year for his gorgeously gourmet Skull Truffles.Read the full article on MAKE

How-To: Manual Rotocasting

I was under the impression, before seeing this video from intrepid propcaster James Bruton of Xrobots.co.uk, that rotocasting was only practical if you had a machine to automatically spin the mold on multiple axes, simultaneously, for several hours whi…

How-To: Glow-in-the-Dark Knife Handles

Michael Gavac is a knife- and sheath-maker in Brooklyn. In this 13-minute video, he demonstrates his dirt-simple process for casting handy GITD epoxy-composite handles on full-tang skeletonized blades.Read the full article on MAKE

Bellfounding Using the Lost Wax Casting Method

An ancient method of lost wax casting is still used today in making carillon bells. Today, carillons have become so well tuned and sophisticated that entire melodies can be played on them.Read the full article on MAKE

How-To: Kitchen Floor Vacuum Former

Want to make custom plastic 3D parts without a fancy 3D printer? Using your oven to melt the plastic and a household vacuum cleaner to supply the suction, Bob’s homemade vacuum former is the way to go. All you have to build is a simple wooden frame and…

Casting Sugru in 3D Printed Molds

3D printed, two-part mold designed from original part specifications allows “factory-new” repair.

Mold-Making for Edible Creations

Not all casting media are food-safe, which is why you need to take extra care in choosing your mold-making resin if the treats you make are intended to be gobbled up by others.

Making Hard-Shell Molds with Adam Savage

Adam Savage’s Hard-Shell Mold primer is an evergreen gem well worth revisiting.

Top 10: Propcasting

In case you missed it, the theme for October is “casting materials,” chosen strategically, of course, to resonate with the mounting excitement about everybody’s favorite maker holiday—Halloween! Whether you’re making wearables or hand-held props, there’s probably a method, material, or technique in our archives that will inspire you to take your costume to the next level.

October is Casting Month!

Continuing our monthly materials themes for 2012, in October we’re featuring materials used in molding and casting.