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Finding Intelligent Alien Life Would Offer Hope For Our Own Future

Are we alone in the universe? We don’t know. But as Carl Sagan said, if we are, it seems like an awful waste of space. At Singularity University Global Summit, Jill Tarter, Bernard M. Oliver chair for SETI, discussed her mission to answer the question that’s haunted us as long as we’ve known enough to ask. The SETI Institute is an organization dedicated to finding an intelligent signal out in the cosmos—some inkling we have company—and… read more

‘Ultracool’ Dwarf Star Hosts Three Potentially Habitable Earth-Sized Planets Just 40 Light-Years Away

The search for Earth-like planets — and life — beyond the solar system has long been the stuff of science fiction and fantasy. But today’s ground and space telescopes, high-precision instruments and advanced analysis techniques have made this search an active area of real scientific research. Hundreds of terrestrial worlds have been found over the past several years, including a handful at the right distance from their host star to have conditions amenable to liquid water on their rocky surfaces. Astronomers focus on planets in these “habitable zones” in the search for life beyond Earth. Now for the first time, our international… read more

Space and Technology Review: The Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Does life exist beyond Earth? Scientists have a few reasons to be optimistic. For one, there are an estimated 100 billion billion Earth-like planets in our universe. That should get most people’s hopes up. Further, we’re finding evidence of liquid water all over the solar system, and the one thing we know about life on Earth is the need for water. This post explores the probability of extraterrestrial life and what we’re doing to find it. This is Part 4 of our Space GGC Series focused on important issues facing us now: Part 1: Our Home Among the Stars Part 2:… read more

Are We Alone in the Universe? The $100 Million Search for an Answer

In the past six years, we have discovered some 1,030 planets circling distant stars, a number of which are in the “habitable zone” (i.e., not too cold, not too hot…able to… read more

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What Water on Mars Means for the Future of Space Exploration

Geomorphologist Lujendra Ojha of Georgia Tech first noticed strange streaks on Mars in 2011. They appeared on the walls of craters — dark, downhill smears that appeared and then disappeared…. read more
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Our Solar System’s 9 Extraterrestrial Oceans in One Surprising Infographic

When scientists looked at Mars through early telescopes, they saw a fuzzy, rust-colored globe scored by mysterious dark gashes some believed were alien canals. Later, armed with sharper images, we scoffed at such naiveté…. read more

This Week’s Awesome Stories from Around the Web (Through Jan 30)

Some news stories are about iterative steps, others about significant strides. Then there’s this week’s batch of stories that, one way or another, are all about moonshots. We know that the future will be… read more