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The Robot Apocalypse Is Looking Damn Funky

In a new Boston Dynamics video, a four-legged robot ducks under tables and walks up stairs; it does the dishes with a giraffe neck and weird dinosaur head. It jogs down the hall and slips on banana peels. (Robots are rapidly surpassing humans at slapstick.) But when it shows off its flexibility? Wow. Gold medal. As Gizmodo commenter lostEngineer so aptly put it: “The robot apocalypse sure does look funky.” Boston Dynamics is already well-known for its robot… read more

Watch Google X Unleash Awesome Two-Legged Robot on Tokyo

It’s been a little over two years since Google jumped into robotics with both feet. In 2013, the company (since reorganized as Alphabet) bought eight of the most interesting robotics companies in the world. But since that shopping spree, we haven’t been treated to many project updates. So, it’s always a treat to see what the companies are up to these days. Recently, at the New Economic Summit (NEST) in Tokyo, we got a pretty cool (if brief) tour of the world of Schaft—one of Google’s 2013 acquisitions—when Schaft CEO Yuto Nakanishi invited two bipedal robots up on stage with… read more

Atlas Robot Is More Capable (and Human) Than Ever in Latest Video

If you aren’t convinced the pace of robotics is accelerating, you need only check out the new video from robotics pioneer Boston Dynamics. The group’s latest humanoid robot tramps through the snow, stacks boxes, and even gets up after being pushed over. We’ve watched the steady, sometimes surprising evolution of Boston Dynamics’ robots for years. The group’s four-legged robots Big Dog and Alpha Dog were early viral hits, and later on we were stunned (and maybe a little frightened) by a video of its humanoid robot walking a treadmill in fatigues and gas mask. A later version of that two-legged robot, Atlas,… read more

When It Comes to Robots, Slow and Clumsy Can Still Be Captivating

For fans of flesh-and-blood feats of strength and agility, last weekend was heaven. Added to the NHL playoffs and NBA finals, race horse American Pharoah took the Triple Crown for the… read more
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Overhauled Atlas Robot Ready to Square Off Against World’s Elite Robots This Summer

For two days this summer, the world’s elite robots will be gathered in one place. Darpa, the advanced technology and innovation wing of the US military, is hosting a $3.5… read more