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New technology helps robots see in 3D

A group of researchers recently presented new technology that would help robots, namely those used in a home, to better perceive and process 3D objects. The robot perception algorithm, which was unveiled in July at the 2017 Robotics: Science and Systems Conference in Cambridge, Mass., allows the robot to guess what an object is, how…

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Paralysis Partially Reversed With Virtual Reality Tech in Surprising New Study

On June 12th, 2014, the world watched in awe as a young paraplegic kicked off the World Cup in Brazil with the help of a robotic exoskeleton controlled by his brain. Now, the team behind the miraculous feat — the Walk Again Project — is back with an even more astonishing report. With a year of intense brain training, eight paraplegics regained partial sensation and voluntary control of their paralyzed body areas, despite having spinal… read more

Watch Monkeys Drive Wheelchairs With Just Their Thoughts

Duke University scientists have given a pair of monkeys the ability to drive a wheelchair with their thoughts alone. The work is described in a paper recently published in the journal Scientific Reports and adds to a growing body of work in brain-machine interfaces aiming to return some freedom to the severely disabled. Duke neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis and his team first began experimenting back in 2012, when they implanted hundreds of microfibers as thin as a human hair in the brains of two rhesus macaque monkeys. The fibers recorded cortical activity associated with “whole-body movement” and sent the signals to a computer…. read more

Rats Engineered to See Infrared Light, Use It to Seek Out Water

The brain is a great information processor, but one that doesn’t care about where information comes from. Sight, scent, taste, sound, touch — all of our precious senses, once communicated… read more

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Speeding Up Physical Therapy With ‘Matrix’-Like Brain Training? It Isn’t So Far Fetched

Learning to walk again after a traumatic accident is no easy task. One of the hardest things for motor-impaired patients is to generate the correct brain signals to help them recover… read more

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Animal Brains Networked Into Organic Computer ‘Brainet’

Imagine a future where computers no longer run on silicon chips. The replacement? Brains. Thanks to two separate studies recently published in Scientific Reports, we may be edging towards that… read more
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Working Lab-Grown Human Muscles to Serve as ‘Clinical Trials in a Dish’

A team of researchers out of Duke University recently announced they’ve grown human skeletal muscle in a dish. The muscle responds to electrical impulses, biochemical signals, and drugs just like… read more